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Skilled Austin Probate Attorney Resolves Estate Issues Efficiently

Central Texas law firm offers comprehensive support

Probate problems cause stress at an already difficult time and diminish the value of the estate at issue. At Mack Ray Hernandez, Attorney, I draw upon more than 45 years of experience to deliver skillful guidance at every stage of the probate process for clients in Austin and the surrounding area. I offer skilled guidance to a wide range of clients: my firm has served as the executor of multimillion-dollar estates and successfully carried out wills that were scribbled on a napkin. My detailed knowledge of the state’s probate code enables me to provide prompt, accurate assessments of each potential heir’s rights. I also advise clients on inheritance disputes and how family law relates to paternity questions that can arise during estate execution.

Established attorney provides knowledgeable assistance throughout the probate process

Texas law provides for both independent and dependent estate administration. In dependent administration, a judge must provide authorization for certain estate actions. Whether court approval is required or not, my firm is adept at handling probate tasks including:

  • Identifying heirs and gathering assets — Even when a detailed will exists, it can be difficult to locate heirs and assets. My extensive background in probate law enables me to find people and assets promptly so that required communications can be sent.
  • Managing financial and estate obligations — During the probate process, taxes and many other financial obligations are not put on hold. As an executor or a legal adviser, I help ensure that required payments are made in a timely manner.
  • Distributing assets and closing the estate — Once all of the decedent’s property is incorporated into the estate, my firm can effectuate and oversee the efficient transfer of assets to the designated heirs.

With more than four decades of experience assisting probate clients, I help you anticipate how your probate matter will proceed to allay your concerns.

Accomplished litigator handles will contests

If a question is raised about the validity of a will, a skilled probate litigator is necessary to protect your rights and the decedent’s wishes. My firm understands how to handle these disputes without jeopardizing the estate’s value with unnecessary costs. If you are unsure about whether a potential claim exists due to lack of capacity, fraud or undue influence, I can outline your legal options and pursue a just resolution for you in court.

Contact a dedicated Texas probate lawyer

Mack Ray Hernandez, Attorney represents clients from Austin and the surrounding counties in a full range of probate and estate litigation as well as real estate and business matters. Please call 512-477-9433 or contact me online to schedule a meeting at my Austin office. I am fluent in English and Spanish.


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